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Retro Vektar T-shirts

Posted on May 15 2015

If you had a BMX or a 'Grifter' as a kid back in the 1980s, you'd know that they were the only choice when it came to bikes.

Perhaps you remember the Raleigh Vektar? That bike was like a stealth bomber in black - more gizmos than a Wildcat and it even had a radio! We haven't forgotten about this one, so we've created designs in 3 of the 4 variants.

You 80s kids will of course remember the sounds of the Raleigh Wildcat - not only would this thing scare the **** out of unaware pedestrians but it wasn't too bad on the rough stuff also. I remember a kid next door to me had one back in 1988 - I wouldn't have minded one, I had a red BMX but I haven't got any photos to make a T-shirt - if I did, I would.

The Wildcat was a cool bike and seems like a little gem to own an old one today, so we've thrown a new design in for good measure. Click to view the T-shirts.


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