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11 Jan '17

Spicetag at London Anime and Gaming Con 2017

Our next event of 2017 is London Anime and Gaming Con! Going live from 3-5 of February at the Rocket Complex London Metropolitan University.

We'll be bringing all-new designs and plenty more original jackets and cushions. Get practicing your retrogaming also, there'll be plenty of old-school consoles to play on.

Check out the website here.

27 Jul '16

We've dressed up the HULK!

So we don't know if you've seen or even heard of the new look the Hulk will be having in the 3rd installment of the Thor Movie Franchise, Ragnarok! Well at Comic Con the other day, Marvel unveiled the... GLADIATORIAL AMOUR!!! Here's what it looked like.

Although this is EPIC on it's own, we thought we show our appreciation by popping the muscle raging, green bulk himself into it! Hope you like it!


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19 Jan '16

Eye of Thundera made from our T-shirt vinyl

We own the ultimate sword - the Sword of Omens!

Unfortunately it came with a false Eye of Thundera built into the hilt that simply wasn't up to the job, so we made a temporary Eye of Thundera from circular cuttings of chrome vinyl pressed onto T-shirt material. It's the same vinyl used on our T-shirts.

We'll find the real Eye of Thundera one day.