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27 Jul '16

We've dressed up the HULK!

So we don't know if you've seen or even heard of the new look the Hulk will be having in the 3rd installment of the Thor Movie Franchise, Ragnarok! Well at Comic Con the other day, Marvel unveiled the... GLADIATORIAL AMOUR!!! Here's what it looked like.

Although this is EPIC on it's own, we thought we show our appreciation by popping the muscle raging, green bulk himself into it! Hope you like it!


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13 Jul '16

We were at Wimbledon... well, our T-shirt was!

If you were watching the Raonic v Federer match last Friday you may well have seen our unique 'You Cannot Be Serious' T-shirt being promoted on BBC! Not only did we get on the tube, but John McEnroe commented on the design.

Here's a look of the design flat on the T-shirt


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30 Jun '16

Keanu Reeves Has Been Taking On Parliament!

It seems Keanu Reeves has visited Parliament this week and has been SHAKING IT UP! 

First he had a few words with Boris Johnson...

then he gave Jeremy Corbyn a piece of his mind...

and finally showed Nigel Farage the Matrix!



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02 Jun '16

Our Great Day Out At Fonmon Charity Dog Show

So we spent our bank holiday Monday at Fonmon Castle, which looks awesome by the way. They were holding a Charity Dog Show on the grounds which we were lucky enough to have a stall at, showcasing all our best selling dog products (for humans).


Not only did we go there as a seller, but also got to see some of the crazy dog tricks going on, from gun dog training to jumping though freakin' FIRE!

Alpacas were strutting their stuff in the sun, as well as pigs, guineas, goats and donkeys!

Ferret racing! Who knew this was even a thing? But was damn cute to watch.

Now don't worry if you missed the event, you can find our more details of their event next year here. And for us, you can always find us here.


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