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03 Mar '17

Cardiff Film & Comic Con March 2017

This weekend is Cardiff Film and Comic Con at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff!

There'll be a mass of cosplayers and costume competitions, cool exhibits, a dedicated retrogaming area, seminars, special guests for signings, photo opportunities and a massive trade hall including us!

We have all-new designs made especially for the event. Details below:

Doors Open at 9am - 6pm both days

Standard Entry Price: £8* from 11 am

Early Entry Price: £15* from 9 am



02 Jun '16

Our Great Day Out At Fonmon Charity Dog Show

So we spent our bank holiday Monday at Fonmon Castle, which looks awesome by the way. They were holding a Charity Dog Show on the grounds which we were lucky enough to have a stall at, showcasing all our best selling dog products (for humans).


Not only did we go there as a seller, but also got to see some of the crazy dog tricks going on, from gun dog training to jumping though freakin' FIRE!

Alpacas were strutting their stuff in the sun, as well as pigs, guineas, goats and donkeys!

Ferret racing! Who knew this was even a thing? But was damn cute to watch.

Now don't worry if you missed the event, you can find our more details of their event next year here. And for us, you can always find us here.


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03 Jun '15

Our Pugby Collection now include Canada, Japan, Namibia, Romania & Uruguay

We've updated our Pugby (Pug Rugby) collection to now include the 5 follow countries Canada, Japan, Namibia, Romania & Uruguay. This means who ever you're supporting the Rugby World Cup 2015 we've got you covers, literally. You'll find all the new designs below


Canada Pug Rugby T-shirt  


Japan Pug Rugby T-shirt


Namibia Pug Rugby T-shirt


Romania Pug Rugby T-shirt


Uruguay Pug Rugby T-shirt




The Spicetag team


22 May '15

Our Latest Pug T-shirt Designs.

 Below are our latest Pug T-shirt Designs available now to buy in our shop. From Gaming the The Force you'll love this little dogs clothing line.


Gaming Pug T-shirt

We are huge gaming lovers here at Spicetag, so what better way to show it than a design that features a Pug Sessioning a game. This top shows a Pug wearing a head set whilst holding a video game controller. Who knew Pug were so good at Video Game? He might not be online gaming any time soon, instead you can visit him here.


Jedi Pug T-shirt

We a believers of The Force and so is this Pug. Wearing his wise robe whilst holding the greatest weapon in the galaxy this little puppy could easily rise a X-Wing out of a swamp. Don't worry about channeling The Force to find this little guy, you can just see him here.


Game Of Bones T-shirt

Well of course we fans of Game Of Thrones, who isn't? Here stand Pug Snow a sworn protecter of the Realms Of Men. But he'll always be more Crow than dog. No need for waiting for a messenger crow, you can find him here.


Pug Shot T-shirt

Who knows what this Pug is in for, peeing on the Carpet, pooping in your slippers! Who cares, Look at those big sad eyes, his only crime is being too cute. You don't need to wait for a Prison Visit to see this little guy, you can see him here.



The Spicetag team