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25 Mar '15

Spicetag at Cardiff Comic Con 2015

Posted by Ben Wright

Here are some pictures of our time at Cardiff Comic Con 2015...

We were setting up when the DeLorean was being driven in, which could do with an MOT because it absolutely stank the place out with petrol! We got to see an amazing Space Marine that was the size of ED-209, we spotted some Jedi fighting to the left of our pitch and dressed up as a Colonial Marine for added security - but it seemed pointless due to the amount of Stormtroopers patrolling the place already.

Thanks to Showmasters and everyone who visited us - We'll be back in November!












18 Feb '15

Japanese Cars Make Great T-shirts

It's true. Legendary Japanese cars make great car T-shirts. The eagle-eyed will be able to tell these 3 a mile off, and with the immense amount of differentiating technical data that comes with these cars depending on where they were sold, we've been as accurate with the livery as we can.

These street racers can be found on the site right here.

The Spicetag team