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The Spicetag Story

We at Spicetag wear T-shirts just about every day. However, by itself this most common item of clothing can be quite dull. Yet it offers a perfect blank canvass to express oneself. With an appropriate image printed on it, a T-shirt can be transformed drawing a response from a giggle to a belly laugh. It can say a lot about you without you having to utter a word, such as what band or team you follow or it can give an indication of your particular sense of humour. A printed T-shirt has been known to trigger friendships. You could say that it is the most effective form of “clothing media”.

In our teens we were always on the lookout for that perfect T-shirt that reflected our characters and passions at the time. There is, of course, a huge selection of printed T’s to be found in the High Street. But many of them can be quite naff, boring and repetitive. What we wanted was something current and a bit more edgy and personal.

Having both qualified in graphic design, Ben and I decided to set up our own business creating images that would appeal to a broad audience that take printed T’s seriously. From the start we wanted to offer T’s that challenged the status quo. T’s that were innovative, outrageous and fun. We also realised that everyone has a favourite T-shirt just like a favourite pair of jeans. So we decided from the start that our T’s should be made to last which is why we print on quality, cotton rich fabric using a state-of-the-art technique known as Direct-to-Garment printing. This ensures our T’s retain their shape and the images are presented in high definition time after time, wash after wash.

Since launching Spicetag, we have created a large catalogue of images that appeal to all interests, be it retro, vintage, pop culture or sport and are amusing, wry, esoteric and sometimes profane. We’ve also expanded into printing on other garments such as sweaters and hoodies.

What motivates us is seeing the Spicetag community grow and reading the positive feedback from members of that community. Knowing that one of our T’s has brought a smile to someone in the world is massively satisfying. We were thrilled when we saw on TV some of our tennis T’s being worn by spectators at the Wimbledon final. One of the big highs we’ve had was when one of our garments was voted the number one “Must have” Christmas sweater by

We are also extremely proud to support various causes by designing images that promote a specific charity such as prostate cancer. We donate part of the proceeds we receive directly to the charities.

Since printing our first T-shirt our market reach now stretches across the globe covering all continents with the exception of Antarctica. But who knows we might even get an order from there one day though that’s more likely to be for one of our cosy sweaters or hoodies.


The Spicetag team